Wilberforce Weekend | A Colson Center Event

Starts June 14th, 2021

Experience Wilberforce Weekend – from the comfort of your home.

Wilberforce Weekend Online is the Colson Center’s premier Christian worldview conference.  This world-class experience will be captured at our in-person event in Fort Worth Texas, professionally edited, re-mastered, and made available to you right here online.

Follow along with dynamic onstage discussions as our lineup of speakers explores what it truly means to live life in the Image of God.


Full conference access for $49

The Wilberforce Weekend Online pass provides access to all recorded main stage presentations and panelist discussions from over 20 speakers.  Watch & re-watch content at your leisure from June 14th through the remainder of 2021.

Watch a free preview of Wilberforce Weekend Online!

A Wilberforce Weekend Online pass for $49 allows access to 20+ main stage talks and discussion panels. Enjoy this free preview of on-demand content with the Benham Brothers. Register below to access all on-demand content.

Who are we supposed to be in the next chapter of this confusing world?

Join the Colson Center and an exciting lineup of distinguished speakers to discover more!

Access full conference video content for $49.


Video Modules

The Worldview Intensive

-What Men & Women Are For (John Stonestreet)

-How Christianity Elevates Women (Rebecca McLaughlin)

-Male, Female & Society (Ryan Anderson)

-Moms, Dads, & Kids (Emily Kao)

The Imago Dei

– The Idea of Imago Dei (John Stonestreet)

– How Imago Dei Changed the World (Rebecca McLaughlin)

– Seeing the Image of God in Everyone, Including Opponents (Benham Brothers)

The Image Created

-The Glory of God is Man Fully Alive (Matt Heard)

-How God Made us “Good” (Kathy Koch)

-Wisdom as True Humanity (Jennifer Patterson)

The Image Fallen

-Loss of Humanity (Carl Trueman)

-When Image Bearers Fall (Chris Brooks)

-How Progressive Christianity Redefines Imago Dei (Alisa Childers)

The Image Restored

Restoring Hope (Matthew Sleeth)

-Re-Humanizing Medicine and Care (Carter Snead)

-Recapturing the Imagination (Mandi Hart)

-Reforming Justice (Heather Rice-Minus)

-Reconciling God’s People (Monique Duson)

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