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The Colson Center exists to give Christians the clarity, confidence, and courage to play their part in God’s restoration of all things.

We live in a moment of cultural confusion. Fewer and fewer of the things that give meaning to our lives come easily. Family, community, beauty, truth seem to be constantly eroding around us—while our news feeds are full of despair, anger, and division.

How are Christians to make sense of the world around us? How can we make sure we have clarity in our daily lives?

Join us…and find out what you’ve been saved for.

Here's what we do:


Offer incisive content that cuts through the fog of relativism and the news cycle with truth and compassion.


Provide training that unlocks every believer’s calling to restore culture.


Resource and activate a movement of Christians committed to cultural restoration.

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Our Ministries

BreakPoint seeks to provide clarity, confidence, and courage in this cultural moment through daily commentaries and weekly podcasts.

The Colson Fellows Program equips Christians with a robust Christian worldview so they can thoughtfully engage with post-Christian culture, inspire reflection in others, and work effectively toward re-shaping the world in the light of God’s kingdom.

In a world where “Truth” seems to change every 5 minutes, What Would You Say? provides quick and easy ways to share answers for today’s hardest questions.

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